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PI: Prof Meng-Yi Bai

SCI indexed publications within three years:

  1. Bai, M. Y.*; Chou T. C.*; Tsai, J. C.; Yang, H. C., (2013) Active Ingredient-Containing Chitosan/Polycaprolactone Nonwoven Mats: Characterizations and their Functional Assays. Mater. Sci. Eng., C, 33(1): 224-233. (SCI).

  2. Bai, M. Y., Moran, C. H., Zhang, L., Liu, C., Zhang, Y., Wang, L. V., Xia, Y. * (2012) A Facile and General Method for the Encapsulation of Different Types of Imaging Contrast Agents within Micrometer-Sized Polymer Beads Adv. Funct. Mater., 22(4): 764-770. (SCI).

  3. Lee, Y. H., Bai, M. Y., Chen, D. R.* (2011) Multidrug Encapsulation by Coaxial Tri-capillary Electrospray Colloids Surf., B, 82(1): 104-110. (SCI)

  4. Bai, M. Y.; Xia, Y.* (2010) Facile Synthesis of Double-Shelled Polypyrrole Hollow Particles with a Structure Similar to That of a Thermal Bottle Macromol. Rapid Commun., 31(21): 1863-1868. (SCI)