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Medical Image & Computer Vision

PI: Prof Ching-Wei Wang

SCI indexed publications within three years:

  1. Wang C.-W.*, Yu C.-P. (in press) Automated Morphological Classification of Lung Cancer Subtypes using H&E Tissue Images Machine Vision and Applications, Machine Vision and Applications (SCI, JCR 2010 28% (70/24) in ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC, IF=1.549)

  2. Wang C.-W.* (2012) Fast automatic quantitative cell replication with fluorescent live cell imaging, BMC Bioinformatics, 13:21 (SCI, JCR 2010 11% (4/37) in mathematical & computational biology, IF=3.03)

  3. Wang C.-W.* (in press) Fast Quantification of Immunohistochemistry Tissue Microarrays in Lung Carcinoma, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (SCI, JCR 2010 36% (35/97) IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, INTERDISCIPLINARY APPLICATIONS, IF=1.57)

  4. Buckley N.*, Conlon S., Jirstrom K., Kay E., Crawford N., O'Grady T., Sheehan K., McDade S., Wang C.-W., McCance D., Johnston P., Kennedy R., Harkin D., Mullan P., The ΔNp63 proteins are key allies of BRCA1 in the prevention of basal-like breast cancer (2011), Cancer Research, vol. 71: 1933 (SCI, JCR 2010 6% (12/184) in oncology, IF= 8.234)

  5. Wang C.-W.*, Robust Automated Tumour Segmentation on Histological and Immunohistochemical Tissue Images (2011), PLOS ONE, Vol. 6, issue 2, e15818 (SCI, JCR 2010 14% (12/85) in biology, IF=4.411)

  6. Wang C.-W.*, Hunter A. (2010) Robust Pose Recognition of Obscured Human Body, International Journal of Computer Vision, Volume 90, Number 3, 313-330 (SCI, JCR 2010 1% (2/108) in COMPUTER SCIENCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, IF=5.151)

  7. Wang Y., McCleary D, Wang C.W, Kelly P., James J., Fennell D., Hamilton P.* (2010) Ultra-fast processing of gigapixel Tissue MicroArray images using high performance computing, Analytical Cellular Pathology / Cellular Oncology, Vol. 33, 271-285 (SCI, JCR 2010 14% (10/71) in PATHOLOGY, IF=4.17)

  8. Wang C.-W.*, Fennell D., James J., Kelly P., Hamilton P. (2010) New Computer Vision Approach in the Classification of Adenocarcinoma and Squamous NSCLC using H&E Tissue Images, Cellular oncology, 2010, Vol 32, number 3, p235 (SCI, JCR 2010 14% (10/71) in PATHOLOGY, IF=4.17)

  9. Wang C.-W.*, Fennell D., Paul I., Hamilton P. (2010) Automated Quantification of IHC Biomarkers and Discovery of Novel Prognostically Significant Tumour Subsets in NSCLC using BAK and BAX, Cellular oncology, Vol 32, number 3, p176-177 (SCI, JCR 2010 14% (10/71) in PATHOLOGY, IF=4.17)

  10. Wang C.-W.*, Hunter A., Gravill, N. and Matusiewicz, S. (2010) Real Time Pose Recognition of Covered Human for Diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea, Journal of Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, Volume 34, Issue 6, Pages 523-533 (SCI, JCR 2010 71% (49/69) in ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICAL, IF=1.11)

  11. Wang C.-W.*, Hunter A. (2010) A low variance error boosting algorithm, Applied Intelligence, 33: 357-369 (SCI, 69% (75/108) in COMPUTER SCIENCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, IF=0.893)