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Scientific research project
  1. Po-Da Hong, Studies on metastability and instability in mesoscopically structural evolution of polymers, NSC101-2221-E-011-031-MY3, 2012/08/01-2015/07/31.

  2. Po-Da Hong, Research and Development on High level Medical Device, Ministry of Education, Taiwan. 2012/4/1-2013/3/31

  3. Wang C.-W., Reconstruction of 3D Morphology and New Quantification Approach of Atherosclerosis, NSC101-2628-E-011-006-MY3, 2012/08/01- 2015/07/31

  4. Liao A.-H., Estimate the efficiency of focused ultrasound mediated drug release of drug loaded MRI microbubbles in brain tumor, NSC100-2628-E-011-015-MY3, 2011/08/01- 2014/07/31

  5. Liao A.-H., Using EEMD to improve contrast enhanced ultrasound liver tumor imaging, NSC99-2218-E-011-031, 2010/10/01- 2011/10/31

  6. Liao A-H., The application of ultrasound and bubble liposomes for drug delivery in the inner ear system,101TY8I03E, 2012/01/01- 2013/12/31

  7. Hsu W.-C., Anticipatory and reactional locomotor adjustments during gait initiation and when walking onto a moving surface with different surface speeds and visual stimulations in the middle-age adults and the elderly, NSC 100-2221-E-011-056, 2011/08/01- 2012/07/31

  8. Hsu W.-C., Design of Badminton Footwear Based on Research of Injury Prevention and Control, NSC100-2622-H-011-001-CC3, 2011/6/01- 2012/5/31

  9. Hsu W.-C., Biomechanical macro and micro aspects investigation for temporal-mastoid joint by finite-element analysis: identification of the effects of physical therapy interventions, TM-NTUST-100-04, 2011/01/01- 2011/12/31

  10. Hsu W.-C., Biomechanical analysis of locomotor adjustments when walking onto a moving surface: effects of age, visual stimulation, and surface speed, NSC 99-2218-E-011 -033, 2010/10/01- 2011/9/30

  11. Kao, C.-Y., A novel polymeric device for delivery of anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal drugs in the oral environment. NSC-101-2221-E-011-021-

  12. Kao, C.-Y., Biodegradable polyketal copolymers as carriers for drug delivery applications: synthesis, design and characterizations. NSC-100-2221-E-011-014-

  13. Kao, C.-Y., Developing a Novel Tissue Conditioner with Dual-phase Drug Releasing Properties 2012/01/01- 2012/12/31

  14. Bai, M. Y., Novel Organic Polymer Nanoparticles Co-encapsulating Drug and Contrast Agent: from Syntheses to Their Applications in Drug Delivery and Medical Imaging, NSC 99-2218-E-011 -032 -, 99/10/01 - 100/09/30.

  15. Bai, M. Y., Utilizing Multi-capillary Electrospinning Technique to Develop Novel Hemostatic Wound Dressing, NSC 100-2221-E-011 -069 -, 100/08/01 -101/07/31.

  16. Bai, M. Y., Development and Applications of Nanosized Drug-carriers, NSC 101-2221-E-011 -053 -, 101/08/01 -102/07/31.