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[Announcement] Taiwan government imposes entry restrictions for non-R.O.C. nationals starting from January 1, 2021

Dear international students,


This is to inform you that your reference number for the visa application is 臺教技()字第1090188417號函.

HOWEVER, The Taiwan Centre of Disease Control decided to ban all foreign nationals from entering Taiwan for a month starting from 1 January, 2021.

This regulation also applies to foreign students who are planning to enroll in a Taiwan university.

You can try to apply for the visa with this reference number, but it is not guarantee to have your visa issuance at this stage.

Please check with Taiwan Embassies or Missions abroad if the visa application will be accepted or not.

Please note that the authorities reserve the right to decline visa applications and to refuse the issuance of visa.

If you are granted a visa to Taiwan, DO NOT buy the flight ticket until further notice. You DO NOT need to report your travel itinerary to OIA before January 15, 2021.

INDONESIAN & INDIAN students: It is confirmed that you can use a softcopy of the Letter of Admission and the NTUST Scholarship Acceptance Letter to apply for a visa (but the above mentioned restrictions apply).

Currently, we can only wait for further instructions by the Taiwan authorities, and hope that the pandemic situation will improve. We will keep you updated on the latest information! 

Please be safe and healthy. Take care!

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