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About the Institute

Biomedical engineering is one of the most rapidly expanding engineering-related disciplines which contributes greatly to improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Taiwan Tech was established in 2010, which is in close collaboration with the Tri-Service General Hospital(TSGH) and the National Defense Medical Center (NDMC).

Based on the joint strengths of medical and bioengineering expertise, the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering has already positioned itself as one of the leading institutions in Taiwan.

Our institute offers Master’s programs in three areas, namely BioelectronicsBiomechanics, and Biomaterials.

Research at our institute especially focuses on applications, such as tissue engineering, artificial implants design, medical instrumentation, biomedical informatics, biomedical signal, image processing, and new drug processing.

Our faculty members are experienced and diligent teachers who guide students through all stages of their research work.  The graduates we cultivate are well-trained in the fundamental sciences and equipped with rigorous analytical engineering tools necessary for success in the many possible bioengineering careers.